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Recruiting Process

World-class performance from experienced professionals

We have developed a recruiting process that allows us to ensure that we are not only connecting the industry's top talent with the best companies, but also that each of our placements is the ideal fit for that company's culture.

The different stages of this process include:

  • Research and discovery: in this stage, we want to learn about you, what your company is like, and how you would like to work with us
  • Development of recruitment plan: after listening to you, we utilize our extensive connections to identify the best candidates for the position you are looking to fill
  • Targeted recruiting: when looking for and contacting the candidates we think will be best for your company, we look beyond their resume and career achievements and examine their leadership abilities, career goals, and motivations
  • Candidate evaluation: we provide you with a short list of who we think will be best for your organization and why
  • Process management: while pursuing a candidate, we make sure to listen to his or her interests and goals to ensure a successful recruitment
  • Reference checking: at your request, we will check every reference provided for any finalist
  • Presentation of the offer: one thing that makes our efforts so successful is that we begin helping you plan for a successful offer at the start of the recruitment process
  • Acceptance of the offer: even after a candidate has accepted your offer, we will stay in close contact to make sure that the individual's transition is as smooth as possible and that the fit is perfect