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Hard Work and Integrity

OPS Staffing works with leading general contractors, insurance restoration companies and real estate developers throughout the country to help them find the most talented individuals in their respective marketplaces. Through hard work and integrity OPS Staffing continues to succeed in finding the best talent in the disaster restoration and construction industries for its clients.

As a disaster restoration staffing company, we work closely with clients to develop a clear understanding of their values, their business goals, their market, and their staffing needs. Damage restoration companies have unique staffing needs, depending on what type of damage they deal in. We can find well qualified staff for water and fire damage restoration jobs.

We listen, we interact and we gain a full understanding of the organization, their culture and the position that needs to be filled. This process enables us to identify and evaluate the appropriate talent for each client and each individual search. We believe that it is equally important to find the right personalities as it is to finding the right experience in a candidate. This is why our multi step search and interview process allows us to guarantee all of our placements for 120 days.

If you are a company, that needs qualified staff for your Do not hesitate to call us and inquire how our services can help take your fire and water damage restoration company to the next level.

The Candidates

This is a critical question companies should ask candidates when it comes to recruitment for fire and water restoration jobs. Sure, there definitely is a technical side to restoration jobs but at the heart of such jobs are all about easing the pain people experience in times of disasters.

A well-staffed fire and water damage restoration company can bring people hope in the toughest of times. Therefore, we lookout for candidates that have a sincere drive toward reversing the damage caused by fire and water related disasters.

Here’s a little of what we look for in candidates for fire and water restoration jobs:

  • Performs at a good pace and works safely in commercial and residential properties that have incurred serious damages by fire and water
  • Thoroughly surveys damage
  • Assesses and records all damage done to property
  • Communication and coordination with management team and customers
  • Attention to detail; works efficiently
  • Adapts to new practices
  • Willing to work on-call, if needed

If you would like candidates with the above skills for your fire and water restoration job, sign up for our disaster restoration staffing services!