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3 Skills You Should Look For In Every Resume

Aug 14, 2018 |
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Mitchell Riley |

One of the most important tools a job seeker has available to them is their resume, and so it goes, whether a person is actively looking for a job or is satisfied with their current position, keeping the resume up to date is of the utmost importance.

With candidates for any given position being culled at the resume screening stage, it is imperative that your resume conveys the skill set a hiring manager is looking for. Which leads us to the big question—what are hiring manager looking for in potential candidates?

Today’s blog post will talk about the 3 of the top in demand skills in 2018 that a hiring manager should look for in every resume when screening.

1. Quantitative Analysis

In the blooming world of data sciences and analytics, there is an abundance of available data, yet there are limited people who are able to clean, organize, analyze, interpret and extract actionable insights from this data.

Even if the role you’re interviewing candidates for isn’t focused toward data analysis, having the ability to use accessible data to improve factors like job performance, client retention and acquisition will provide any candidate a serious competitive edge.

2. Communication Skills

Continuing with the theme of the modern world, communication today is far more nuanced than it used to be.

Business communication is more than just public speaking; it includes all avenues of communication, i.e., e-mails, phone calls, conference calls, presentations and in-person conversation.

Scrutinize any candidate who writes about their communication skills on their resume. Gauge their ability to get their point across in a concise manner during the interview.

3. Creative Thinking

To answer the question you’re probably thinking of right now, no, creative thinking is not an inborn talent that can’t be cultivated.

Admittedly, some people are naturally better at coming up with innovative solutions to problems and going against the status quo to improve the way things are done. Every person has this ability to think outside the box and it can be refined through experience and constant reflection.

If a candidate has talked about occasions where they used ingenuity to improve performance, it is reflective of their ability to think creatively.

3 Skills You Should Look For In Every Resume

Any candidate who talks about and subsequently is able to present evidence of possessing any of these skills should be seriously considered.

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Posted: Aug 14, 2018
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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