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/ Job Interview Tips: 2019 Edition

Job Interview Tips: 2019 Edition

Aug 2, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |

An average job opening attracts about 250 resumes—only 2% of applicants will actually be called in for an interview. 33% of recruiters say they know if they’re going to hire a candidate within the first 90 seconds of the interview. You have 90 seconds to make an impact.

Here are four tips to amp up your preparation skill for a successful job interview this year.

1. Identify three things that make you an asset for THAT company

research the company well. Know what they do. Learn about what’s important to them.

Before you enter the interview room, be prepared about three things that make you valuable for the company. Point out three skills in accordance with your expertise, which distinguishes you from other candidates. For instance, you may pinpoint your analytical skills, ability to manage time effectively, or your openness to change and innovation.

2. Delay the Compensation Conversation

Don’t talk about the salary until you’re asked about it. Even when you’re asked, it’s safer to say, “I’d like to have a better understanding of my job and responsibilities to know how valuable I’m going to be for your company.”

Once you have a better understanding of your worth, then talk numbers. If the interviewer inquires after your pay history, know whether or not it’s legal to ask in your state. In some state laws, asking about the salary history has been declared illegal.

3. Do your homework

Researching your employer before the interview is very important. It will enable you to better understand and answer questions that are related to the culture and work environment of the company.

Pre-interview research helps you develop a better understanding of the company’s goals and objectives, enabling you to impress the interviewer. You may Google your employer, check the company’s website, social media handles and other news available. This will not only help you work out questions related to the job or the company, but also leave a lasting impression about your seriousness towards the job.

4. Make it look genuine

Your interviewer won’t be interested in listening to a long list of your skills unless they’re supported with a real-time situation. A prominent way to make your claims look genuine is to use the STAR Method.

  • Situation: Outline the story as to where you were and why.
  • Task: give details about what you were doing and the challenges you faced
  • Action: Explain what you did to pull of the task and solve the challenges
  • Results: Reveal the results, how your skills helped you solve the situation and what you learned from it.

Remember; interviewers look for candidates who are self-assured, and the ones they can rely on. Successful candidates are the ones who are able to make the interviewer believe that they are a valuable asset for their company.

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Posted: Aug 2, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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