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A Guide to Creating a Positive Work Environment

Aug 4, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |

Most business leaders understand that happy employees lead to happy customers. One of the most important ways to keep your employees satisfied is by developing a positive work environment for them to thrive in. Your employees’ morale is highly dependent on the type of environment they work in.

Try these 4 tips to create a positive work environment to get the best out of your team.

4 ways to create a positive work environment

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement enhances the morale of the employees enabling them to perform better. Recognize their hard work with remarks like:

  • "I appreciate your dedication"
  • "I’m impressed with the way you handled that project"
  • "Your efforts are the reason for your team’s success"

Appreciate employees in front of others. You can take out a few minutes from your staff meetings to bring everyone’s attention to certain employees’ achievements.

Transparency in Communication

Positive_Work_EnvironmentOpen communication between an employer and subordinates is important to cultivate positive work relationships. Clear communication will not only lead to a better understanding of what you expect from your employees, but it will also provide a clearer picture of what they expect from you.

Mutual coordination between you and your employees will make things more direct, less complicated and more profitable for your company.

Encourage employees to voice their ideas

Listen to your employees’ ideas and make them a part of your decision-making processes. Even if your decision completely opposes theirs, communicate it well. Discuss their opinions, convey the pros and cons, and get them on the same page. This will make your employees feel like they are valued, and their opinion matters.

Show you trust them

Give your employees time to breath. Hovering over them, constantly bombarding them with instructions will lower their productivity level. Let your employees explore their potential by trusting them completely with an assigned task.

Your employees’ morale and performance can suffer if they feel like they are constantly being watched. At the same time, provide weekly feedback.

Trust, transparency, structure, recognition, awards and meaningful work are the ingredients that cultivate a positive work environment. Remember—whether you’re an employer or an employee—everyone needs to play their part in helping create a better work environment.

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Posted: Aug 4, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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