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9 Reasons To Use a Recruiter

Jul 7, 2016 |
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Mitchell Riley |

Why Use a Recruiter?

  • 1.) Expertise: As a recruiting firm who specializes in the Restoration Industry we understand every position, and what you will be looking for in a perfect candidate. We also understand what a competitive compensation package will be in all markets.
  • 2.) Access: We have a massive database of passive candidates that would be open to looking at a new career opportunity. We also know the best job boards to search and how to find the best talent in any marketplace.
  • 3.) Business Confidentiality: Often times companies won’t want to advertise for a key position that they need to fill so their competitors won’t know they’re down an employee.
  • 4.) Candidate Confidentiality: Many times passive candidates will be working for your competitor and won’t apply or send their resume directly to you, but they will talk to a recruiter since we’re a neutral third party.
  • 5.) Finely Tuned Results: When you post on job boards you will get ten to twenty or more unqualified candidates to review and throw out. We will only present the best candidates that make it through our screening and interviewing process.
  • 6.) Wasted Time and Money: Using upper management to find new employees is a tremendous waste of time and resources, which takes them away from their daily tasks of developing or managing the business. Our contingency based search gives you a no risk guarantee for us to find the perfect candidate, and you will only pay our fee once an offer is made and accepted. “Forbes magazine reported in a recent article that the average cost of hiring and training a new employee to the point the employer realized a return on investment, was in excess of $25,000.”
  • 7.) Negotiation: Often time’s offers get turned down because the candidate or employer is not comfortable negotiating the kinks that can come along with an offer. We will be directly involved through the entire hiring process including negotiating an offer and initial onboarding.
  • 8.) Guarantee: We guarantee every hire for 120 days, which means if you are not satisfied with the employee we will give you a full credit towards a replacement. Without a recruiter all of the upper management’s time and energy was wasted and the hiring process starts all over.
  • 9.) Reach: For many hard to fill positions there won’t be a perfect candidate in your market place, but using a recruiter gives you a nationwide reach into the best talent available that might be willing to relocate.

Positions We Filled Last Month

Project Manager, Large Loss Project Manager Estimator, First Responder, Project Coordinator, Estimator

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Posted: Jul 7, 2016
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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