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12 Major Resume Mistakes

Jun 16, 2016 |
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Mitchell Riley |

12 Major Resume Mistakes

Writing a resume may not be the most exciting document you will ever produce, but it could be one of the most important. It is your opportunity to introduce yourself to a prospective employer and demonstrate why you would be the ideal candidate to help the employer solve a problem by filling a need. To present yourself in the best possible light, you will want to avoid the top 12 resume writing mistakes listed here.

Top 12 Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

1. No clear objective statement

Tell the employer exactly what kind of job you are looking for by using a specific category or job title. Don't make the hiring manager guess at what you mean.

2. Not specific to the position you are applying for

Do not send out general resumes. The resume should be written so that it clearly indicates how your skills and experience are exactly what the employer is looking for.

3. Failure to showcase your most important skills

A hiring manager will usually spend 30 seconds or less reviewing your resume. If you want to be in the stack that gets further consideration don’t make them hunt for the skills that make you stand out.

4. Resume is not well organized

Make sure your resume contains the information that is most important to the reader is set out front and center. Job titles should take precedence over dates. Focus on writing your work experience first. Begin with your most current job and work back to your oldest.

5. Taking up too much space writing about old jobs

If you worked somewhere 15 years ago, the experience may not be relevant for a position you are applying for today. Your resume should be one page and never more than two.

6. Writing with typos and grammatical errors

Your resumes should be letter perfect before you submit it to a potential employer. Make a point of going over it several times before you apply for any jobs. It may be helpful to have a friend review it as well.

7. Writing a resume that does not include keywords

A number of employers will use an electronic database to store applicants' resumes. Including keywords in your resume such as xactimate, estimating, and so forth will increase the likelihood that yours will come up in a search when the hiring manager is ready to search for candidates for a particular position.

8. Fails to focus on accomplishments

The resume should focus on the results you were able to achieve for your employer instead of your job description. Include examples of how you were able to help the company increase revenue or save money, save time, or increase its customer base. Quantifiable results or accomplishments is what grabs an employer’s attention.

9. Listing distracting facts that don't have anything to do with the job

You can list awards you have won on your resume, but make sure they will present you as a stellar candidate. If they don't relate to the job you are applying for, you are probably best to leave them off the resume.

10. Choosing a creative font

Keep the look for your resume clear and concise. This not the place to get artistic, unless you are applying for a position with a graphic design firm. You want to present yourself as a serious candidate for a position with a company. Stick to basic fonts only.

11. Listing an inappropriate e-mail address

Your is always an appropriate choice. Cutesy names are not a good choice when you are looking for a job. 

12. Inaccuracies in job titles and other details

Before you submit your resume, make sure that the details match your LinkedIn profile and your past employer's job titles, etc.

We hope that everyone will find these tips beneficial when they begin searching for their next position, and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or need helping finding your next career opportunity.

Posted: Jun 16, 2016
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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