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Hiring Burnout? 5 Ways to Beat It

Mar 6, 2016 |
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Mitchell Riley |

Feel like you’re on the recruiting and hiring treadmill to nowhere? It can be frustrating to get into a rut of reading the same stale resumes, interviewing for must-fill-yesterday positions, and ultimately having to begin again if and when hires don’t work out.

Here are HR hiring burnout busters to try:

1.) Put time management tactics to work for you. 
Especially if your job encompasses more than just hiring, it can be overwhelming to face down your to-do list. Try breaking your day up into blocks to focus on one task at a time so you don’t stretch yourself too thin. Also, be mindful about chit-chat and social media distractions. While it’s good to take breaks throughout the day, too many of those “few minutes” can eat away at your productivity.

2.) Don’t recruit 24/7.
It can be tempting in the world of social networks and constant connectivity to perform recruiting tasks from home when you could be binging Netflix shows. However, everyone needs a cutoff time from work. Make it a point to log off and not treat everything as if it were urgent, because in most cases, it can wait until the morning.

3.) Slow and steady wins the hiring race.
One of the best ways to avoid a stressful hiring period is to spend time building relationships with potential hires even when you’re not looking to fill positions. It’s easier to reach out to someone you’re connected with when something does open up rather than start from scratch.

4.) Seek resources that simplify and streamline your job.
Not everyone has the luxury of support staff. Most people have to handle other HR tasks like employee relations, retention efforts, and benefits on top of hiring. You might even be a department manager for whom hiring falls into your lap while you’re still expected to run your team. Recruiting tools can help take away some of the burden of finding and screening applicants to get you halfway there.

5.) Get department managers involved. 
Making the best hiring choices starts with a clear understanding of what each position really entails. When you only have a vague job posting to work with, it can be hard to recruit the candidates who match best. To ensure that you’re bringing in the right people, get everyone involved, especially for the initial job posting, and in the interview process. That way, it’s not all on you, and everyone is on the same page about qualifications and job expectations.

By improving your hiring process and daily workflow, and getting some help, you can eradicate hiring burnout for good.


Posted: Mar 6, 2016
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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