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/ Jobs Report: 2015 Ends on a High Note

Jobs Report: 2015 Ends on a High Note

Dec 29, 2015 |
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Mitchell Riley |

With the latest jobs report release for December, it seems that 2015 went out with a bang, capping off a year of overall job growth. In the last month of the year, jobs increased by 292,000, well about the projected 210,000 by The Wall Street Journal. In addition, the unemployment rate remained at 5%.

As reported by The White House, over the last 70 months, U.S. businesses have added 14.1 million jobs, with 2015 being the second highest growth year since 2000.

As for which industries seem to be booming, the strongest gains were in transportation and warehousing (+23,000), information services (+16,000), and construction (+45,000).

The one downside for workers is that wages aren’t growing along with the employment opportunities. For December, the average hourly earnings were $25.24 one cent less than in November.

As you head into the New Year, remember that your talent pool is not desperate to find work, and in fact, might currently be employed with a competitor. As more businesses add staff, those with the most enticing offers will land the top job candidates.


Posted: Dec 29, 2015
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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