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 How to Create Solution-Focused Employees  

Jan 11, 2020 |
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Mitchell Riley |

Around 385 million working days are lost annually due to workplace conflicts! These conflicts largely arise due to problem-focused mindsets that aggravate situations rather than solving them. 

The true strength of a workforce is tested during a time crunch or work crisis. But this is also when most employees fail to adopt a solution-focused attitude. 

The worst-case scenario for a company is when there’s a challenge, but employees refuse to collaborate. They need to be reminded that it’s the solution they’re seeking; pursuing the problem will only create more damage.

Here are a few suggestions for enabling your employees to become solution-focused. 

Understand The Problem 

The best way to devise a suitable solution to a problem is to understand it first. While it’s easy for managers to identify strategic flaws in the system because they’re overseeing the whole process and supervising the team, employees just see the consequences. This derails even the semblance of a solution-focused approach. 

In situations like these, it’s helpful to allow a manager to offer their insight, since they can provide a more comprehensive analysis of the situation from a neutral standpoint.

Encourage Optimism 

In order to introduce more productive ways of thinking in your team, you need to encourage optimistic attitudes. Regardless of how unfavorable the situation may seem, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. A pessimistic outlook and a lack of motivation can seriously reduce your chances of success. 

The first rule of successful entrepreneurship is the ability to take risks. Instead of fretting about why a project failed, it’s better to look at possible shortcomings in the plan, and to seek ways to improve it in the second attempt. 

Begin with Gratitude

Nothing dials up an employee’s effectiveness better than a simple thank you. Appreciation (when due) can go a long way in motivating employees to invest their best in the work they do. But more than that, it encourages them to take responsibility for a problematic situation and provide proactive solutions. 

Once they see that they’ll be appreciated—and possibly rewarded—for good work, they’ll create avenues for displaying their competence. Having a solution-focused attitude can improve their pace of work because they’ll naturally be averse to problems that can be easily avoided.

Inculcate problem-solving skills 

A moment of crisis can be avoided (or at least the damage-controlled) if employees know what they’re supposed to do. 

For instance, if a restoration team is finding it hard to reach an accident site to control fire damage, there needs to be an establishes solution. This is why you need to inculcate problem-solving skills in your employees. Once you identify similar problems, tend to them collectively through presentations and solution-focused activities.

However, assertive employees tend to compete for power in a crisis situation to outshine others. Vying for power can distract the team from its end goal. For that, it’s important that employees are trained to deal with conflicts. But statistics reveal that 60 percent of employees never received conflict management training. It’s time to change these figures for the better. 

When we recruit employees for placements at your company, we assess them on all fronts—including solution-focus thinking patterns. 

You can trust our commercial recruitment service because we’re determined to match qualified individuals with relevant opportunities. Check out our website for more information on what we do and how we work. 

Posted: Jan 11, 2020
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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