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/ Is Your Hiring Process A Detriment To Hiring The Right Candidate

Is Your Hiring Process A Detriment To Hiring The Right Candidate

Nov 22, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |

Regardless of how saturated the job market gets, job seekers will not hesitate from dropping out of hiring processes that appear lousy. While, for them, this may mean staying unemployed, it means a vacant position for employers. This is not an ideal scenario for worker-intensive corporations, and it’s a sign that they need to renew their hiring process. 

If you’ve consistently been hiring unsuitable candidates for every job opening, it’s not because of a lack of talent. Your hiring team needs to have an eye for identifying talent and this is why the hiring process should only be in capable hands. After all, they’re essentially deciding the future of your company. 

  • 1.) The Hiring Process is Strenuously Long
    The single most demotivating factor for active job seekers is being made to wait for weeks and months to hear back from recruiters. Employers and recruiters often don’t understand that the best talent gets recruited the quickest, so in order to secure them, they need to act promptly.

    No sensible job seeker will wait for long periods to hear back from a place without any guarantee of a job offer. In fact, during peak hiring season, the market is packed with candidates and employers are eager to hire them. There’s no chance for latecomers.Two Woman Chatting
  • 2.) Job Titles Aren’t Appealing
    Regardless of how appealing a job description may be, the job title means a lot to job seekers. After all, it’s the title that will identify their position in the hierarchy of the company. This is why job titles that don’t resonate with candidates may be easily disregarded by prospective candidates.

    It’ll help recruiters if they survey the market and see what other employers are naming the same position. This should give them some ideas about what job seekers are looking for. For example, "Copywriter" might not appeal to some as much as "Marketing Content Manager."
  • 3.) Not Looking Hard Enough
    Delaying the decision-making process is not the only way for recruiters to find qualified candidates. In fact, it’s a deterrent to landing the ideal individual for the job. What does help is to improve and enhance your vetting skills and learn how to assess candidates quickly and efficiently.

    This will save recruiters the stressful hassle of finding the right person and job seekers the elongated waiting periods.

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Posted: Nov 22, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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