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Headhunting Vs. Recruiting

Nov 8, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |

Headhunting vs. Recruiting: What’s the Difference?

Although the terms ‘recruiting’ and ‘headhunting’ are used synonymously, there are some unacknowledged differences between them. 

The baseline difference between the two is that recruiters pick promising candidates from a pool of active job seekers or applicants, whereas headhunters approach acclaimed professionals themselves.

In this respect, headhunters might seem to enjoy leverage over recruiters because they’re selecting from the talent pool. They don’t run the risk of hiring inexperienced job seekers or fresh graduates. 

However, there’s more to both hiring strategies that needs to be understood. 

What is Headhunting? 

This refers to a specified search for the best-fitting candidates for a job description, ignoring whether the candidate is actively pursuing available vacancies or not. This is why the group headhunters target is professionals who are already employed in the industry. Headhunters have also operated more so for recruiting executives and individuals for high-level executives. This is why passive candidates are preferable because it shows that they’re well-integrated into the corporate culture and have industry-relevant experience.

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Whether or not candidates are actively looking for a job is insignificant because 79% of employees are willing to switch jobs for various reasons, including career growth and a pay raise. Research shows that on average, an employee changes jobs 12 times during their career. This is why headhunters may not be trying in vain; they have luck on their side! 

What is Recruiting? 

Recruiters usually overlook the Human Resource requirements of organizations by searching for candidates that qualify for the job position. Recruiters can be part of a corporation and operate as the HR department or work as a third-party recruitment service. 

Their recruitment process follows a standard procedure: broadcasting available vacancies and job positions, scanning resumes, screening candidates and conducting interviews. 

They also function as the point of contact for prospective employees during the entire hiring process. This enables communication between companies and candidates, which leads to a finer selection of new employees

What Differentiates a Recruiter From a Headhunter? 

What differentiates a seasoned headhunter from mass recruiters is the skill of knowing talent when they see it. They can understand their clients deeply and realize what their business requirements are. 

A committed headhunter utilizes new technology to screen candidates more efficiently and also conduct physical meetings for a better assessment of the person. They have to attend career fairs and industry events to stay up to date. They have to be empathizers and quick with judging individuals accurately

It’s not always easy to gauge individuals beyond a practiced demeanor that they display during interviews. That’s what discerns a headhunter from an amateur recruiter. 

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Posted: Nov 8, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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