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/ 3 Tips for Hiring Talented Employees in Construction

3 Tips for Hiring Talented Employees in Construction

Oct 18, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |
Increasing Shortage of Talented Candidates

The construction industry is growing at a dynamic pace; however, many businesses face difficulties when it comes to hiring a workforce, because of an increasing shortage of talented candidates. In fact, this has become a major concern for many business tycoons.

According to the recent Commercial Construction Index (CCI), nearly 95% of contractors find it difficult to find skilled workers. This lack of workers, and a continual increase in demand, is resulting in higher costs, forcing firms to turn away from vacant positions.

Despite this challenging situation, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s top talent out there in the market. It just depends on how effectively companies attract these top candidates and make them a part of their organizations.

If you’re interested in hiring talented employees for your construction company, try adopting these three hiring approaches. You won’t regret!

Use Social Media

Three People Using SmartphonesMany businesses in the construction industry are still confined by old ways of marketing, specifically when it comes to hiring. But traditional marketing fails to reach talented young people who have new ideas and immense creativity.

If you’ve never used a social media platform before for construction recruitment, start now with Linkedin and Facebook. These are the two biggest platforms for hiring, with an enormous amount of potential candidates that are looking for construction and restoration jobs.

Focus on Captivating Millennials

One major reason behind the shortage of talented labor in the construction industry is an increase in aging employees who are close to retiring. When these senior employees retire, there won’t be enough workers to fill in their positions.

So if the millennials are losing interest in the construction industry, how do you get them to work for you?

It’s simple—tailor your recruitment strategy to attract millennials! Show them how your firm is bringing a positive change in the world, how your company believes in innovation and growth, and talk about the social and fun side—tell them about engagement activities and events, tell about the growth opportunities and the challenging nature of the work. You can also tell them why working in your firm is going to be the best decision of their lives.

Demonstrate Work-Life Balance

Flexible working hours and options to work from home are gaining more and more popularity among millennials. According to survey research carried out by American Express, 75 percent of all millennials believe that “a successful business should be flexible, even in an environment of volatility, and not enforce a rigid structure on employees."

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Posted: Oct 18, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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