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Top 5 Qualities of Great Recruiters

Sep 24, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |
Communication skills are crucial for becoming a great recruiter.

A good recruiter ensures that the company consistently attracts the right talent, and the candidates find suitable jobs. While experience fosters some skills, good recruiters have inherent qualities which set them apart from the rest. This blog will highlight the top five qualities of great recruiters:

  • 1.) Effective communication skills
    Communication skills are crucial for becoming a great recruiter. The entire recruitment process relies on effective communication across all channels. We’re not just talking about face-to-face conversations, but correspondence via phone and email needs to be exceptional as well. Good recruiters can keep both the client and potential candidates in the loop to provide consistent updates about the recruitment process.
  • 2.) Listening Skills
    People confuse communication skills with effective listening, but these aren’t the same. A great recruiter has sound listening skills to understand their clients’ and the candidates’ needs. Listening skills help recruiters deeply understand their client’s personality and match them with suitable candidates. Similarly, listening skills help recruiters learn more about potential candidates and find them jobs that meet their criteria.
  • 3.) Confidence
    Two Person in Formal Attire Doing Shaking HandsConfidence is the key to success for recruiters, allowing them to manage manage client relations effectively. Recruitment involves lots of interaction and requires well developed networking skills. Hence, it’s essential for a recruiter show confidence and not shy away from prospective conversations.
  • 4.) Multitasking skills
    To say that a recruiters’ job description is broad is an understatement. Recruiters must juggle between multiple tasks, ranging from setting up meetings to filing the paperwork. As such, a great recruiter is great at multitasking and performs their job efficiently. Since recruiters work on different projects at the same time, time management skills also come in handy.
  • 5.) Approachable personality
    Recruitment involves building professional relationships and networking with clients as well as candidates. Great recruiters have an approachable personality so they can communicate and interact successfully. Having a friendly demeanor will make the clients and candidate comfortable around them. Not only will an amiable personality help the recruiter conduct the recruitment process effectively, but it also opens future business opportunities.

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Posted: Sep 24, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
OPS Staffing | + 1 (888) 482-6019

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