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Positive Candidate Experiences: The Key to Securing Top Talent

Sep 13, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |

According to the latest job market trends in 2019, there are more than seven million job openings in the United States, and not enough workers to fill them. The shortage of candidates has made it difficult for companies to find and engage with active job seekers. And even if a company manages to find candidates, they get snagged up by the competition quickly. Hiring managers have been reduced to asking for referrals or seeking out passive talent.

One of the major reasons for candidates not choosing a particular company is the hiring process. Candidates are more likely to accept an offer from a place where they had a positive experience and are even more likely to recommend it to a friend. Similarly, an enjoyable and positive recruitment experience can engage talent and convince them to give the company a try.

Here are some ways in which hiring managers can ensure the candidates have a welcoming and positive experience:

Engage Them In Enjoyable Conversation:

It’s a no-brainer that the job-seekers are looking forward to connecting with recruiters when they go for an interview. The hiring manager’s job is to make sure the conversation is easy, light, and as impersonal as possible. Make them feel comfortable and ensure that they know your company will always look out for their best interests.

Respect Their Time:

Time is a valuable commodity, and even though a candidate might not be employed at the time of the interview, it doesn’t mean that they have a lot of time on their hands. Make sure the appointment is made at a convenient time for both parties and isn’t canceled or rescheduled at the last minute. This makes a really bad impression on the talent you’re trying to secure.

Respond In A Timely Fashion:

Laptop, Office, Hand, Writing, Business, DocumentThe most important tip to secure top talent is to respond clearly in no more than a week. What you need to keep in mind is that your company isn’t the only one trying to secure top talent. This means the candidate is likely to go for the first good offer they get. Staying in touch and keeping communication lines open is also imperative.

Provide Consistent Information:

Another important tip is to provide as much information to the candidate before the interview as possible. You can do so by posting comprehensive and detailed job descriptions online which tell candidates about all about the duties and responsibilities they will be expected to undertake.

Another important point is to make sure that the information provided during the interview is consistent with the JD provided beforehand. This way, the prospective candidate has a good idea of what to expect during the recruiting process and there are no surprises along the way that will throw them off.

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Posted: Sep 13, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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