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/ 4 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Companies Struggle To Find Great Employees

4 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Companies Struggle To Find Great Employees

Sep 6, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |

The labor market has become very tricky to navigate companies now face novel challenges in hiring and retaining good candidates. Employers are consistently trying to create excellent candidate experiences during interviews and stand out as exceptional employers to overcome hiring problems.

Here are four brutally honest reasons why companies struggle to find great employees.

Lack of experience

Employers often pass on an applicant with a great skill set because they don’t have experience. In recent years, we’ve seen an influx of inexperienced workers entering the job market with relevant skill sets, particularly in emerging fields like the IT industry. Companies have to strike a balance between experience and skills when hiring candidates and unfortunately, they can’t find both qualities in their applicants.

Lack of specialized skillset

Resume_Lack_of_experienceMost companies operate in fast-paced business environments which experience rapid technological advancements and consistent innovation. A dynamic commercial environment makes it exceedingly difficult to find employees with the appropriate skill sets. Due to a greater need for productivity, companies require employees with specialized skills to perform the job efficiently. Since specialist skill sets have become rare, companies have to pay through the nose to hire them– sometimes they can’t afford these specialists.

Poor company image

A corporation’s brand image plays a vital role in influencing candidate decision. Surveys show that the majority of job seekers pass up the opportunity to work in companies with bad reputations. Companies with bad reputations will find it challenging to attract good employees; they receive fewer applications and also have to provide additional perks to lure them in.

The Millennial Mindset

Person_Edge_of_BuildingDue to the increasing number of millennials in the job market, companies are facing additional challenges to maintain their workforce. Millennials are hard to retain as they need a sense of purpose that comes from contributing to society or sharing in profits. Moreover, millennials change jobs every 2-3 years for more learning opportunities and career development. Additionally, millennials value work-life balance, demand competitive salaries, and perks like flexible hours and more vacation days. A lot of companies refuse to cater to the needs of the millennial labor force, much to their own detriment.

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Posted: Sep 6, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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