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Why You Should Partner with a Staffing Agency When Hiring for Your Business

Jul 13, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |

But first things first…

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency is a company which offers recruiting services to businesses, both big and small.

Short. Simple. Accurate.

Why should you partner with a staffing agency for your business’s hiring needs?

They save you time and effort

The most obvious benefit of joining forces with a staffing agency is that they save you time and effort.

Make no mistake, hiring is a time consuming process. You need to advertise for the job opening. Go through floods of applications. Identify the eligible applicants. Interview the eligible applicants. Shortlist the right candidates. Make the final picks.

All this can take days, weeks, and sometimes even months.

A staffing agency makes this process much faster and convenient for you by helping sort through applications and assisting with the screening of candidates.

They save you money


Let’s say, you hire an employee for an opening at your organization. Later, you find out that the employee is not the right fit—either talent-wise or attitude-wise. You let the employee go. All that time, effort and money you put in to hiring and training that employee has gone to waste. If only you had made the right hiring decision initially, you could have avoided this scenario.

That’s where partnering with a staffing agency helps.

Using their experience of the recruiting industry and their wider access to the job market, a staffing agency helps you find the ideal employee for your business. When you hire the right people for your company, you reduce the financial risks associated with hiring.

And that’s not all…

Businesses, today, avoid hiring full-time employees. The reasons are many, but in most cases, a focus on leaner operations has a lot to do with it.   

Organizations are trying to be more efficient and productive and only have staff when they’re absolutely needed. For such organizations, the strategy of hiring part-time employees or contractors works as the best solution.

A staffing agency meets this flexible hiring requirements of businesses effectively. They help them with temporary or seasonal placements, as well as with contractual hirings. The result is a more fluid workforce that best suits businesses’ goals and operational model.  

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Posted: Jul 13, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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