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/ Top 3 Tips for Navigating and Landing a Great Job in a Job-Seekers Market

Top 3 Tips for Navigating and Landing a Great Job in a Job-Seekers Market

Jul 31, 2019 |
Job-Seekers,  |
Mitchell Riley |

Ever since the Great Recession, the market was controlled by employers, with a limited number of employment opportunities for job seekers. However, these days there has been a shift in the trend. It’s now become a job seekers’ market, powered by employees.

Companies are now in an aggressive race to be ahead of competitors. To have an edge, they’re hunting for top talent and candidates to serve in positions across the organizational hierarchy. This is a great opportunity for job seekers to navigate and land their dream jobs.

However, it’s important to note that employers won’t just throw money your way if you don’t have anything to offer them. If you’re planning to begin your job search, here are 3 tips you must follow.

Identify Your Qualifications and Skill Set

It’s extremely important while looking for a job to apply for one that you possess the qualifications and skills for. Avoid overselling yourself and mentioning skills that you don’t have in your resume—you might get shortlisted in the CV screening, but you won’t be able to get away with it in an interview.

Work Out Your Connections

According to a survey, 85% of all vacancies are filled through connections and networking.  Networks can provide you with useful insights into an organization, its culture, work practices, goals, objectives and other things that may not be mentioned on the company’s website.

Most companies these days prioritize candidates with employee referrals because they can be trusted compared to unknown applicants.


Customize Each Resume In Accordance With Job Requirements

You may apply for various job positions and in various companies. For instance, if you are a business graduate with majors in marketing, you can apply for multiple jobs in the related field such as Marketing executive and a social media manager. But your CV for the two positions shouldn’t look the same. Make sure to tailor your resume for each position that you apply for keeping in mind the required skill sets for that job.

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Posted: Jul 31, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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