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/ The Financial Case For Hiring a Recruitment Company

The Financial Case For Hiring a Recruitment Company

Mar 26, 2019 |
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Mitchell Riley |

One of the major ways modern businesses can save money is by outsourcing HR functions. Hiring a qualified staffing agency can help you find high-caliber clients candidates in a much shorter time-frame with a much smaller budget!

Here’s how hiring a recruitment company makes sense financially:

1. It Eliminates Upfront Hiring Expenses

There are costs associated with finding talent. Renowned companies may be able to get away with writing a job post on LinkedIn and their own website but most organizations will have to turn to online portals that charge employers a fee for posting jobs.

In many cases, companies will have to pay an additional fee to generate more leads and run sponsored ads. Job posting not only costs money but it also doesn’t guarantee results.

Once companies do receive applications, they will have to take out time to screen hundreds of candidates before they can filter out ones that are worth interviewing. The screening and interviewing processes require time and money.

2. Decrease Turnover Costs

Employee turnover is awful for the company’s bottom line. A high turnover can cost a company 33% of a single employee’s total compensation (wages and benefits included).

Employees leave companies for all kinds of reasons but low compensation happens to be the most common one. Staffing agencies keep tabs on the job market and the current salaries/benefits being offered by competitors.

Another reason for employees quitting their jobs is mismatched expectations. This is when employees and their employers are unclear of each other’s expectations.

Staffing agencies are specialists in outlining responsibilities when posting jobs and interviewing candidates so there’s no room for confusion.

3. Get The Right Employee

Finding the perfect candidate for the job isn’t easy. While it’s true that employers receive hundreds of resumes but finding the best person for the job requires looking beyond certifications and skills.

A new employee should fit your organization; this means their values, career goals and even personality should align with what your company stands for.

It’s costly for companies to hire and train employees that decide to leave after a short period.

Staffing agencies work closely with you during the recruitment process; they’ll ensure the candidate that best matches the needs of your organization is hired.

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Posted: Mar 26, 2019
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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