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What To Look For When For Hiring for a Restoration Company

Oct 30, 2018 |
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Mitchell Riley |

After significant damage occurs, restoration companies are typically the first respondents that rush to salvage the situation. The damage could be because of a fire, flood, water, or a natural disaster.

It’s the primary job of a restoration company to effectively clean up the mess and preserve the property and its contents so that further damage can be prevented.

This is why recruiters for such companies need to keep in mind certain desirable skills and traits when searching for potential employees.

This post discusses what to look for when hiring for a restoration company.

Interpersonal Abilities

Stock_Business-006An emergency response team is usually comprised of a number of different individuals all working together seamlessly. This is why there is a great need for efficient coordination and team playing skills in this field.


Employees in a restoration company must be adaptable. When you reach a natural disaster site, you’ll likely be working together with various other emergency care providers. Or you might be in an area which doesn’t have many lodging options, requiring you to spend your downtime in a temporary shelter.

This kind of job is not for those who work best with structure, in a 9-5 work setting. Working in a damage restoration company requires employees to have an affinity for adventure. For this, the right professional attitude is a must.

Organizational Skills

To do your job successfully, you need to be able to stay cool in chaotic situations. This is where honed organizational skills come in. From keeping track of resources to submitting timely reports on the work progress, look for employees who have highly developed organizational skills.

Time Management

Restoration and remediation services usually include removing contaminants, debris and more to effectively clean up the remnants of the damage.

It’s important for employees in this field to provide these services in a timely manner. For this, they need to know how to use their time efficiently so that their day-to-day work goals are achieved.

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Posted: Oct 30, 2018
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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