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Interviewing Candidates for a Construction Company – Explained

The interview process can be intimidating not just for candidates, but also for HR managers at construction companies. After going through countless resumes and short listing candidates, managers must evaluate talent and identify those candidates who seem like the best fit for the company.

The expressions, words and behavior of an interviewer can win a candidate over or discourage them completely.

To conduct a successful interview, here are some practical tips to follow:

First Impressions Matter

Making a great first impression is a priority for most interviewees. When meeting an employer, most candidates want to show their best side and exhibit confidence. However, same rule goes for the interviewers.

By making a lasting impression, there is a greater chance that a candidate might accept your offer. 

Make the interviewee feel comfortable and relaxed so that they can open up. You want to come across as composed, friendly and professional. If a candidate seems nervous, smile or talk about something that is not related to work, this will ease their nerves.

Ask Smart Questions

Just like job seekers, employers and managers must also be prepared for the interview. You are getting only chance to get to know a candidate and decide if they can contribute to your company’s long-term goals.  Don’t waste it by asking them irrelevant questions. Avoid asking candidate things about religion, marital status, etc.

Focus on open-ended questions so that the interviewee can share thoughtful answers.  Instead of asking bookish questions, your goal should be to have an open dialogue with them. As a result, the candidate will feel free provide honest feedback and ask questions.

Work with a recruitment agency to come up with a list of smart questions to ask in an interview.

Focus on the Candidate

The most important thing is to focus on the candidate. Prior to the interview, review their resume. If you are not familiar with a skill or qualification mentioned on their resume, research it beforehand.

Speak with a construction recruitment agency before the interview to understand what to look for in candidates. The more prepared you are, the better.

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