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Mar 5, 2016 |
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Mitchell Riley

11 Thoughts Every Hiring Manager Has

Being tasked with recruiting and hiring can inspire a whole range of emotions as you meet new, interesting people, and work through the entire process. If you’re a hiring manager or someone who deals with job seekers, you’ll most likely relate to some of these feelings and thoughts. Raise your hand if this sums up your day…

“You want to fill two key roles by the start of the quarter, which is in one week? Sure, no problem. I’ve got this!”

But then you’re inundated with resumes:

And an interviewee shows up in street clothes:

And you have to do way too many pre-screening interview calls in a row:

Then there’s the candidate that emails you 13 times in one week:

Sometimes, you hear things like, “my last boss fired me for stealing office supplies, but I was framed.”

But you have a great BS detector when applicants say things like: “People tell me I’m a great team player and a talented multitasker who creates office synergy.”

Sometimes, things go right, and your number one prospect accepts the offer right away.

Finally, you can catch up on all of your other work.

Until you get word that you have 10 new jobs to post and have to start all over again. (Psst: Let CareerCo help you with that!)

Thankfully, you love your job.

Blog Posted: Mar 5, 2016
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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