Positions Filled This Month 11 Thoughts Every Hiring Manager Has

Positions Filled This Month

Sales Estimator-Raleigh; ERC- Atlanta; Mitigation Manager- Bradenton;


"Sam Riley"

Are the quality of the people responding to your recruitment advertisement stronger than the people in your company? If not you'll never improve the quality of hire.


11 Thoughts Every Hiring Manager Has


Passionate and Productive People will produce Profit for your business!


We are a team of highly experienced recruiters specializing in staffing for the insurance restoration and construction industries nationwide. We are passionate about helping our client companies find the best available talent that will help their company take the next step toward their long term financial goals. These goals can not be achieved without hiring quality employees, that have outstanding industry knowledge, experience, as well as being the right personality fit. We understand that every company and management style is different, which is why we take a very hands on approach to our recruiting process. Initially we will spend time getting to know a client, which includes more than understanding what they will pay our candidate and their basic job responsibilities. It is imperative that we know how our client operates so we can ensure that our candidate will thrive under their management style. We believe that our hands on approach to recruiting will deliver not only talented individuals, but employees that will last the test of time. This is why we will guarantee all of our placements for at least 90 days, if for any reason they don't work out we will give our client a full credit toward finding a replacement and ensure that this will be our top priority.


There are many reasons to consider using a recruiter, so lets go through a few of the most important reasons. When considering looking for a new employee or hiring a professional to handle the searching process for you ensure that you are partnering with a professional who understands your industry. Restoration is a very niche industry and talented professionals are rarely actively looking for a job. We specialize in recruiting for the restoration industry and we know who all the best available professionals are and where to find them. This combined with our database of 5,000 restoration professionals allow us to quickly target an ideal candidate to begin our vetting process. Often times a passive candidate is the only option if you're looking for someone with industry experience in a small market, and most passive candidates will not feel comfortable talking to their competitor about a career change. However, they will be more open to discussing this career change with a third party such as a recruiter. Finally you must consider the financial impact it takes to not only hire and on board a new employee, but the amount of time and energy wasted by management when trying to locate their own candidate. “Forbes magazine reported in a recent article that the average cost of hiring and training a new employee to the point the employer realized a return on investment, was in excess of $25,000.” Let us eliminate these concerns and assist you in finding the best available talent in your market.


Our contingency based search service gives you a FREE option for us to begin looking for the right employee. You will only pay our fee if we find you the right candidate and you decide to hire them. All placements are guaranteed for at least 90 days.


Here are some of the services that we offer.

Restoration Recruiting: A contingency based direct hire program gives you a peace of mind free option toward finding the ideal candidate. See this Link to inquire more details, or feel free to give us a call.

Construction Recruiting: A contingency based direct hire program gives you a peace of mind free option toward finding the ideal candidate. See this Link to inquire more details, or feel free to give us a call.

Additional services and industries will be coming soon give us a call and see what other industries we are capable of servicing.


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